Hello and welcome to Muse Translation News.

I’m Marie-Louise and this is my professional translation blog.

As a freelance French to English translator, I specialise in legal and international development translations and offer my services at my website Muse Translation. If you’re curious or need to hire a translator, you can find out more about my background and experience there.

I’m on a mission to continue doing what I’m passionate about – providing an excellent service, whilst leading an independent lifestyle. In this blog, I talk about life as a freelance translator, my thoughts on the translation industry and about learning foreign languages.

This is also a space for me to share the thrills and spills of my journey and connect with other translators on a similar path.

I speak English, Afrikaans and French, have learnt Spanish to a pre-intermediate level and am currently learning Swahili. This year, I’ll be furthering my Spanish and sharing the joys of learning Swahili. Of course, I always keep up to date with my French, so I’ll be talking about that here, too.

When I’m not busy translating, I freelance as a writer. I can also be found at my freelance writing and (photo) journalism site.

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to get in touch via email or in the comments.